Cougar began in Germany in 2007 by a group of computer engineers in which they wanted to dedicate themselves to projects with greater passion and dedication. Establishing a team of professionals, adhering to the human-centered philosophical and technological design and its perfect aesthetics, these combinations led to the creation of high-quality products with a demand by demanding professional gamers who were looking for a high standard. With that in mind, Cougar’s test field, where it was tested from the office to the sources, is constantly going beyond normal development, always thinking of bringing a diverse line of gaming computer peripherals. This enthusiasm, always wanting to change, combined with the spirit of innovation, is what energizes Cougar. It is firmly believed that to give players the highest quality, followed by a beautiful design, a company needs to be always ahead of the new technology. To this end, there is a great team working behind the scenes, with a world-class team of highly engineered engineers and an R & D team who, in addition to working with the enthusiasm of winners, also have in-depth knowledge of marketing and technology markets in any field. They also have leading-edge technology partners to develop and design extraordinary products with strict quality control to meet the global demand for high-end professional gamers. Cougar tracks the speed of change of new technologies, always staying ahead in technology development with partners worldwide including North America, South America, Australia, Southeast Asia, UK China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other places. And Cougar still aims to achieve the brand reference as Esport gaming around the world. Philosophy of Brand Passion x Innovation With extreme passion Cougar is interested in offering innovative solutions to serve 100% of its customers. Thinking differently and adopting new trends while constantly focusing on user-oriented functionality, which is our most important corporate culture. Cougar is always striving to meet the demand of demanding gamers with innovative and technological leadership.